About Me

She is common, someone you may never notice if you brush against her on the streets.

Shanghai is amazing, once people called her “the eastern Paris”, and once people also called her “the Devil City”. It’s the junction of western & eastern, inner China & outer China.

Since Jing starts to live in this city, she starts to feel her, day and night. She wants to memorize the come-and-go moments in this special city and as well as part of her life. Maybe those photos are not the best; for her, they are real, and they represent her feelings and her breath.

Thanks for coming by and take a look, she hopes you could feel the dust from the tiny corner.

Here she displays her shots about the city she lives every day – Shanghai. If you like her photos, drop a line; if you don’t like her photos, please drop a line too. 🙂 She appreciates those comments for it is the motivity for her to keep this blog on and so helpful to improve her photography.


Shanghai is Asia's New York

New York may be the city that never sleeps, but Shanghai doesn’t even sit down, and not just because there is no room.