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Shanghai Daily Photo is a personal photoblog that depicts everyday life in Shanghai, China. Started back in 2006.

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The City of Shanghai

My goal with this website is to highlight the beauty and mystery of this amazing city. It is a city of many worlds. The bustling city streets, the stunning harbour, the architecture and modern buildings. It is like no other city in the world and it is my favourite place in the world.

About the beautiful city of Shanghai

Shanghai, also known as Shen, is a modern metropolitan metropolis with modern and traditional Chinese characteristics. The city has a province-equivalent status and reports to the central government directly. Shanghai draws attention as the largest base of Chinese industrial technology, one of the most important seaports and the largest commercial and financial hub in China. Header image photographed by Hunter Valley wedding photographer, Adam who was visiting this beautiful city back in 2018.

Shanghai is situated at 31°41′ north latitude and 121°29′ east longitude. The city, whose name literally means “on the sea”, is located on the east China coast just to the south of the mouth of the Yangtze river. Bordering on Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces on the west, Shanghai is washed by the East China Sea on the east and Hangzhou Bay on the south. it also occupies a central location along China’s coastline. Thanks to its advantageous geographic location, Shanghai is an excellent sea and river port, boasting easy access to the vast hinterland. 

See daily photos from one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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Shanghai Daily Photo

Most areas of the Shanghai region are plains and belong to the alluvial plain of the Yangtze River delta, save for a few hills lying in the south-west corner. The elevation of the average sea level is about 4 metres. Dotted with many rivers and lakes, the Shanghai region is renowned for its abundant water supply.

One of the most populous cities in China is Shanghai. It has 23,019,200 permanent inhabitants, of which 12.21 million live in urban areas. With an average density of 2059 people per square kilometre, the Shanghai population accounts for 1.1% of the Chinese population (3854 in the urban areas). The floating population of itinerant employees is massive, numbering two million.

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